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Kit d’étagères de Rangement Skylight / Rubicon

Optimize otre espace de rangement avec ce Kit d’étagères de rangement SkyLight. Kit d’étagères de rangement. l s’agit d’un kit complet comprenant high-grade Polycarbonate 16 mm shelf, two galvanized steel brackets, and hardware. This shelf allows you to clear that sorely needed floor space, and efficiently organize your shed. The shelf can hold up to 30kg; it is designated to be mounted onto the SkyLight Shed Series’ aluminum frame.

  • Assembled size: 84.7 L x 30.5 W x 22 H cm
  • Each shelf holds up to 30kg
  • All-inclusive kit, easily installed
  • Made of durable high grade 16 mm Polycarbonate and galvanized steel brackets
  • Compatible with all of Palram-Canopia’s SkyLight & Rubicon Sheds only
Modèle: #702562

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