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How to Choose a Patio Cover

What’s better than sitting outside on your patio with a hot cup of coffee on a winter morning or a cold glass of beer on a summer afternoon? Enjoying the fresh outdoors, while remaining comfortable and sheltered. Patio covers don’t just offer shade and coverage, they provide you with an extension of your indoor life. A place to lounge with a good book, knowing that your outdoor furniture is dry and protected. An area that blurs the lines between inside and outside to dine with family and friends. All while increasing the value of your home.

What it comes down to is knowing which patio cover kit is right for you, there are a few things to consider:

What is it made of?

You can gather with friends and family without ever worrying about your Palram – Canopia aluminum patio cover kit. All our DIY aluminum patio covers are made with ultra-sturdy materials that are specially engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions. The resilient polycarbonate roof panels are designed to last and protect you from harmful UV rays while letting in that delicious sunlight. The roof assembly is screw-free to prevent rain or dew from leaking through. And the rust-free aluminum frame patio cover is also incredibly durable and created to give you a year-round outdoor living space.

Do you want an open patio cover or an enclosed patio cover?

We offer both open and enclosed patio cover designs to fit your lifestyle and needs. Open patio covers create a fluid indoor/outdoor space while still providing relief from the harsh sun and shelter from the rain.
Relaxing outside is even more enjoyable with our wider-than-average space between the posts for easy access to carry food, drinks, and lively conversation. It’s perfect for alfresco entertaining and relaxing without being exposed to the elements, whether you need to avoid the blazing sun or the pouring rain.
With enclosed patio covers like the San Remo or Sunroom, you get a full addition to your home, with the gorgeous look of floor-to-ceiling windows so that even when the doors are closed, you are guaranteed a view, at a fraction of the cost. The classic clean lines add light and elegance to your home and give you an additional space to relax on your own or with others.

SanRemo enclosed patio cover

Our aluminum patio cover kits are the perfect environment to sit back, kick off your shoes, and enjoy your time at home, whether you’re enjoying the soothing sound of the rain or the feel of the warm sun without the harmful UV rays. You can use your DIY patio cover to entertain others in an outdoor living or dining room, put in a jacuzzi for your own private spa, or use it as a greenhouse filled with lush greenery. Whatever you do, it’s meant to be for you.

What size do you want?

If you have an idea of what you want to do in or under your patio cover, it will help you decide on a size. Do you need to fit a dining table, chairs, and a bar cart for parties? Maybe you’d prefer a lounging area with L-shaped couch and a coffee table to put your drink down on? A small balcony calls for the charming Sierra while a large space calls for something like impressive Stockholm. The beauty of all Palram – Canopia patio covers is that most of them have flexible positioning for the poles so you get to make the patio cover work for you and your space.

What color and style work for you?

We don’t just have a variety of sizes available, we also have an assortment of different frame colors and glazing to fit your aesthetic and needs. All Palram – Canopia aluminum patio covers are designed with clean modern lines for a sleek look.

What height, distance, and space do you need?

Most of our DIY aluminum patio covers are also completely adjustable. You control the height, distance from the house, as well as the space between the front poles for the ultimate customized feel.

What roof panel thickness is best?

We offer a variety of patio covers with different roof panel thickness, from our Sierra with 6mm double wall roof panels to the 8mm double wall Feria or the even thicker 16mm double wall Olympia or Gala. If you want a crystal-clear view of the skies from underneath your patio cover, we also offer the Stockholm, with 4mm solid roof panels.

Enjoy warm days, cool nights, and everything in between under your new metal patio cover kit.

Why buy a Palram – Canopia Patio Cover?

When you are choosing the best patio cover, you want one that lasts, made out of high-quality material, that protects you and your things comfortably.

Let’s start with quality of our materials

All Palram – Canopia patio covers use polycarbonate panels and aluminum frames. Let us explain why that’s important.
Polycarbonate is an extremely high-quality plastic with the nickname “transparent steel”. It’s a material that is not only practically unbreakable and extremely weather resistant, but with the appearance of glass. The difference is that polycarbonate is stronger, more durable, and safer.
You understand polycarbonate is the best choice for a patio cover, but why Palram – Canopia polycarbonate? Palram, our parent company, has been manufacturing these high-quality polycarbonate panels for over 30 years. We only use high-grade polycarbonate in the manufacturing process and embed a UV protective layer. This minimizes discoloration and brittleness over time.
The panels slide securely into heavy-duty aluminum frames making the assembly process easy, and the structure secure.

We offer the features you need

Our patio covers have resilient aluminum frames for wind and weather resistance, with thicker posts than standard patio covers, more distance between them for more space, bolt protective covers and painted ground anchors.
Normally, patio cover roofs transfer a lot of heat when you stand (or sit) underneath them. If you are looking for respite from the scorching sun, you don’t want to feel more heat, you want to be protected from it. Our patio cover roofs are made of polycarbonate panels with low heat transfer so you are sheltered from the heat with 100% protection from harmful UV rays and can relax in comfort instead.
The dimensions of our posts are thicker than the standard market size for a better look and sturdier product. The positioning of our patio cover poles is adjustable, so it works for you and your home. Our customizations don’t end there. We also offer patio cover accessories like a low-heat lighting system, outdoor heater, side wall, and patio cover shade for even more protection and a luxe look.

Olympia Patio Cover

We are here when you need us

Choosing the right patio cover is important and so is everything that comes after that. You want to have this be a part of your home without having to worry about it. We know that life happens and when it does, we’ve got your back.
We are committed to providing the utmost in reliable customer service. There is no question that is too small, no dream too large. Our company was founded and thrives on the challenge of identifying and solving consumer needs and desires.
At the end of the day, we are about reliability. Both of our products and our service. We stand behind it and we stand behind you. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. We want you to have the outdoor space of your dreams and are here to help make that happen.

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