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Plant Inn 4 ft. x 4 ft. Greenhouse Kit - Silver Structure & Clear Panels

Structure color

You’ve dreamed of a greenhouse for years and growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs, but don’t have the space? The 4x4 ft. Plant Inn mini-greenhouse serves as a fantastic alternative to a full-sized greenhouse in small backyards, balconies, and patios. Small greenhouses are also a useful place to harden off tender young plants, propagating, or to function as a halfway point between the greenhouse and the garden.

This mini polycarbonate greenhouse maximizes available sunlight, while the adjustable roof lets you control the ventilation. The compact greenhouse features a durable rust-resistant aluminum frame, virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate panels, a built-in storage compartment, and a raised garden bed which is 28.3 in. above the ground, making gardening accessible to everyone. The peak is 58.3 inches high and has two lids for easy access as well as for temperature and humidity control.

Start small and get big results with the Plant Inn Backyard Greenhouse!

  • Highly resistant, polycarbonate compact small greenhouse with an embedded storage solution
  • The built-in storage compartment raises the garden bed to 28” off the ground and makes gardening much easier.
  • Ideal for seeding flowers, growing vegetables, and herbs in a small backyard, balconies, and patios
  • Life-time resilient, polycarbonate plastic walls; do not fracture, turn yellow or opacify over time.
  • Non-rusting, robust aluminum structure
  • Top-lids can fully open on both sides for easy gardening or partially open for ventilation.
  • Includes 6 1/2″ deep planting trays, internal water drainage system, and plant hangers for trellising
  • Built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Maintenance-free greenhouse
  • Protects your plants from the elements so that you can enjoy an extended growing period.
  • The greenhouses are available in various sizes. Click to find more greenhouse kits.
Model: #701808


A 118cm 3'10"ft
B 118cm 3'10"ft
C 148cm 4'10"ft

Product Details

Roof vent

Provides airflow and allows regulation of heat and humidity

10 Plant Hangers included

For growing tomatoes and other trellising options

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My name is Harmony.
13:54 PM
No, it is not an option, it cannot be performed.
Yes, it can be disassembled, relocated and reassembled at a different location.
No, it is not an option to get doors on both ends.
It is not possible to install the Lean To Grow House’ door at the other side. It is possible to install only as shown in the instructions.
The greenhouses do not come with a floor or base.
Yes, the polycarbonate panels are high impact resistant and withstand hail.
The warranty for all our greenhouses is for at least 5 years, some for more. The crystal-clear single layer or twin-wall polycarbonate panels maintain their integrity, they do not discolor, opacify, fracture or shatter over time.
Each wall section can carry up to 44 lbs. at most – an entire wall would depend upon the greenhouse’ size.

Assembly instructions & Certificates for Downloads


Clear the site

The product /////

Clear the site
Level the ground
Important We recommend /////
Prepare the site

The product must be built on a solid anleveled surface in order to perform properly.

1 - Clear the site
2 - Level the ground
Important We recommend checking for restrictions or covenants for building this product in your area. In addition we advise to check if you need to submit any forms or if any permit is required prior to building the product.
Choose your foundation type

For a foundation, we recommend using three material types: Concrete / Pressure-treated wood/ wood deck / Paver blocks.

Option 1: Solid base
Option 3: Firm ground / grass

* The size of the greenhouse displayed is for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the size of your greenhouse.

Not possible
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